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Expanding our network specialties offers the unique opportunity to refer to one another for the success of businesses everywhere.

Circle Network Group & Business

No two organizations are alike. There is no one-size-fits-all business transformation solution. We take a flexible, collaborative approach, starting with understanding the human dynamics that influence successful outcomes, we will combine our resources to optimize results. By putting people at the core of our solutions, we bring the full power of human potential to transform your business. 


Focused on aligning your priorities to help you make efficient business decisions, we deliver plans that are actionable, measurable, achievable, and focused.

CNG Business Services

  • PEO Services

  • Administrative Restructuring

  • Employee Benefits

  • Startup Strategy/Resources

  • Industry Referrals

  • Marketing/Lead Generator

  • Commercial Cost Savings Programs (AutoPilot)

  • Onboarding/Off-boarding

  • Workers Comp

  • Government Contracts




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